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Master's Student @ UChicago

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Conversations Gone Alright: Quantifying and Predicting Prosocial Outcomes in Online Conversations paper | code

Jiajun Bao*, Junjie Wu*, Yiming Zhang*, Eshwar Chandrasekharan, and David Jurgens. Proceedings of the Web Conference (WebConf), 2021.

gpu-watcher | code

If you ever get tired of waiting for people's jobs to finish on your server, try this tool! It waits for GPUs to free up, and then run your job on them.

24-game | play it here!

A javascript implementation of the 24 game.

option-pricing | code

Some tools I wrote for the financial math class I took. Includes code for pricing European options under the BlackÔÇôScholes model, and code for computing the "Greeks" of an option.

super-res | paper | code

We implemented and re-trained Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Network (SRGAN) and Attentional-Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Network (A-SRGAN), two networks for image super-resolution. Then, we did some comparative study between the two methods.

tagGED | code

A bidirectional-GRU part-of-speech tagger combined with pretrained GloVe embedding. Used as class project for PSYCH 445 (Psychology of Language) at UM.

rock-paper-scissors | code

A rock-paper-scissors agent that makes decisions by modelling human decisions using a Markov chain. It beats myself consistently so I think it's quite good.